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Laser Impact, a military lasertag in Lisieux.

Born from the collaboration of two friends passionate about video games and activities such as airsoft, Laser impact aims to immerse you in the world of the best war games in a relaxed and friendly ambience.

Players progres in a covered 700m² military base, equipped with real military trellises and realistic laser replicas.

To win the game, your team will have to defend their base but also attack the opposing base. Your aim and your ability to hide and play as a team will make you one of the best !

Complete instructions regarding the function of the equipement and rules of the game will be provided on site in French or english, they will not be deducted from your playing time

a sheet with your individual score will be given at the end of the game

Laser Impact is an ideal activity for an outing but also to celebrate events such as birthday or bachelor party.

An unique concept in france.


harmless for the eyes, the light rays sent by our rifles are as dangerous as a remote beam and totaly without grief. that makes Laser Impact a good alternative to activities such as paintball, Laser Impact is accessible from 7 year.

2 categories of weapons :

  Heavy models, focused on realism, their weight and handling are close to reality !

   Lightweight models, focused on handling and lightness !


Your game will take place inside a 700m² military base .

You will be devided into 2 teams which will each have their own camp
You will have to evolve in an openfield for the most recless of you, in the buildings for close combat or even on the upperfloor for the snipers.
Sound effects (explosions, helicopters, rockets...) and other features will immerse you in the action!

Trellises :

There is two type of trellis for distinguish each side:

Official French army’s trellis (F2)

Official British Army’s (Desert)

Sensor Headbands :

You have 100 health points.

Aim for the enemies’ headbands to damage their life points.

Once your health points have dropped to 0, your weapon is deactivated and you will have to reactivate it at your base!

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